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Keep it Private

January 26, 2011

Feel like sharing? Don’t!

After you feel comfortable writing openly about your life you may come across things that you want to share.  It could be a new goal or a funny line that you wrote and want to read to your friend or family.  My advice is don’t read directly from your journal.  What you write may be taken the wrong way or prompt the listener to want to hear more than you wanted to share.

Once you start reading little pieces of writing to an audience, you might edit yourself or change your style the next time you write with the reader in mind.  Your journal is for your eyes only and if you respect that rule, other people are more likely to also.  Of course, you will want to share ideas that come to you while writing and that is fine but when you share, don’t read from your journal directly.

  • Keep your journal in a place that isn’t a frequently visited.  A dresser drawer or closet usually works.  When you think you want to share something, close your journal and talk about it instead or create a separate journal where you write stories, poems, or jokes you want to share.

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